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Trip to Todd Lake with Nova

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Our latest expedition was to Todd Lake on the Cascades Highway. It’s just about a ½ hour drive from Bend I really like this place. This time we went with my favorite buddy; Nova Denali to one of our favorite spots. She is an Alaskan Husky and is really full of energy! Together we race around and pop in an out of the water. The water is quite cold and I love it on a hot day. We typically walk along a trial that is 1 ½ miles around the lake, through the meadows splashing in the shallow water and swimming when it gets deeper. We need to be on a leash from July through September but can run around the rest of the time.

Todd Lake is special place for us. The lake was formerly called Lost Lake due to the difficulty in finding it. Citizens of Bend asked to have the name changed because of confusion with other Lost Lakes. The lake was renamed Todd Lake in 1922 to commemorate Uncle John Y. Todd, an early settler of central Oregon. The lake is located in a glacial cirque which was probably last occupied by glacial ice about 13,000 years ago during the Canyon Creek advance of the Cabot Creek glaciation. The outlet stream from the lake is Todd Creek which flows into lavas from the Mt. Bachelor Volcanic Chain. The lake is the first of many alpine lakes accessed from the Cascade Lakes Highway west of Mount Bachelor. At 6,150 feet, it is also the highest. Laying near the base of Broken Top Mountain a half-mile off the highway, the 45-acre lake is encircled by alpine meadows and fir forests and is dominated by spectacular views of Broken Top and Mount Bachelor.

One of our favorite spots and one we can share with you!