Professional Acknowledgement,

‘Bill is a very conscientious Realtor and is an excellent communicator. He kept us informed while our property was listed about potential interest and gave us timely feedback after showings.  As a fellow Realtor, that instilled confidence that we’d chosen the right person for the job.  Thanks Bill!’

Jennifer M.

Unique Challenge,

‘We wanted to sell a unique acreage property knowing that was going to need a defined, professional sales/marketing approach. The property was the ‘remainder portion’ of a larger acreage sold years previously and price expectations were high. Positioning was important since the property had the potential to be developed and subdivided. Would the buyer be a developer or would it sell to a residential buyer who desired a house on a large, spacious lot? As interest in both possibilities developed, Bill stayed with us through many twists and turns while always moving us forward to a reasonable conclusion and a successful sale. Bill delivered the effort and professional skills needed to complete the transaction’.

Matt H.


‘Because we were so new to the area, we had many questions and insecurities with the thought of a major purchase like a new home. Bill was beyond gracious and knowledgeable with answering all of our questions. He understood our concerns with the local housing climate, the practical aspect of our personal needs and the emotional aspect with our need to make a house our home. We cannot express the level of integrity that Bill offers to his clients, we felt as though we were in the best hands possible. He walked us through the entire home buying process. We are a household of two working professionals without a lot of extra time to offer, he was there for every small detail that needed to be addressed. We are forever grateful for Bill, not only did he help us find a house in Bend, he helped us find the perfect home for our family’

 Jennifer & Tim C.

‘Having enjoyed Bend from previous visits but relocating from the opposite side of the country, I had general knowledge of the area yet lacked specific insight into the particulars of this unique real estate market. Through informative and patient consultation, Bill helped me to close this gap, providing invaluable advice through every step of the process, enabling me to secure the property that best fit my needs. Beyond delivering trusted advice on real estate, Bill continues to be a friendly source of the kind of practical information only found in a long-time local resident, easing my transition to Bend in numerous ways’.

Aaron B.

Experienced Buyers,

‘This is the 9th house that we have purchased using Real Estate agents and you have been the best. You listen well and were most honest about the features that we needed to consider with each house that we saw, both good and bad. As Buyers from out-of-state,  you represented us very well as an Accredited Buyer’s Agent’.

John & Donna K.

New Construction,

‘I am a Mortgage loan originator and I work with agents every day. I know the good and the bad when it comes to how the Realtor works with the financing side. First, this transaction did have its sticky points as most transaction do. At these times Bill’s reassurance and strong negotiating skills provided peace of mind. My girlfriend and I had absolute confidence that our needs were considered and represented. I know this because I have proof, we got what we wanted. This was: an accepted offer at a fair price, a home with a great resale value, resolution on the points that we were in disagreement with the builder, access to the home as it was being constructed at all times, and lastly when things got sticky, Bill took over and got it done. My Lender stated that never had to chase him for information, he was available and prompt with their requests. Now more than ever, you need an agent whom you can trust, one that has a team of vetted individuals who have proven their competency and professionalism. Bill has this and more. His skills and life experience will assist you in finding the right home, and then transacting this purchase smoothly. In the event that the unexpected happens, you will meet this with guidance and resourcefulness of one of the best agents in the business.

Chris R.


‘It is not often that we get a chance to tell our fellow Real Estate colleagues thank you for a job well done. Your cooperation with David Quiros was an integral part of this successful closing and we want to thank you for your hard work and diligence on you end to create a “win-win” for both the Buyer and Seller’. It is not often in this Industry that you get a “shout-out” for a job well done and we wanted to let you know that it was our pleasure to work with you’.



‘We would like to share with you some of the specifics of what made your services so valuable to us, why we view your services so far above the average realtor, exposure to which is almost always a disappointing experience. We have never had a realtor actually listen to us the way that you did. You treated us as if we knew the property better than you. Believe it or not, this is unique in the realtor world. You listened; and you showed us you were listening by actively engaging in a dialogue with us about the issues we were raising. You immediately locked on to the uniqueness of our property. You got it instantly, and started brainstorming with us about the likely characteristics of the buyer, the geographic scope of the relevant market, and the marketing approach most likely to get the property in front of the buyers with the right characteristics. All of which leads to the third unique trait: a marketing plan. I had never actually heard a realtor describe a marketing plan. Another way to say it is that the only marketing plan I had ever known in realtor world-world was “put it in the MLS and sit back.” You not only described a plan for the property, but also made it clear to us that you had marketing experience. This was exactly what we thought was needed: a pro-active marketing plan designed to get our very unique property in front of the right buyers, none of which likely lived within 100 miles of the property. This marketing plan would undoubtedly require the use of technology. We knew from our daughter’s recent home buying experience that the majority of buyers view the property extensively on line before walking though the front door. You not only understood that, but also had the skills, experience and sophistication to back it up. But you didn’t run over us with your skills, you allowed us to be involved in the pricing of the property, deferring to our judgment even when it differed from what the pricing detail was suggesting. Your work up on comparable properties was outstanding. The level of detail both gave us confidence in you and your skills and made us more realistic about the value of the property. There’s more too, of course your colored brochures and marketing plan made clear that you were spending money on marketing our property. Your frequent trips to property also sent a message that you were truly working on our behalf and not just sitting back with another MLS listing. All of which led to our property being sold in about 50 days, including the month of December with its well-known dead-time for the Holidays to a buyer living more than 100 miles from the property.

Gregg & Jackie  

Title Companies,

‘Bill, thank you for your kind words, makes my day. It was such a pleasure working with you. You are a top-notch professional’.


Working with Buyers,

‘We are so very grateful for all that you have done for Tim & I and our family. We have loved your level-headed approach and expertise. We literally never had to worry about anything- you had everything covered. Thank you so much’!

Jennifer & Tim C.

Selling Condos,

‘Thank you for referring Bill to us for the sale of our condo. He was awesome! He more than met our expectations as a real estate agent. His professionalism and communication were over the top. And, of course we are so happy the condo is sold’.

John & Nancy W.

Family Re-locations,

‘I highly recommend William Raven as a Real Estate agent. If family members or friends decide to move to Bend, Oregon, I would recommend Bill Raven, to them in a New York minute. Bill was our realtor in our search of buying a home in Bend. Since we were new to the area, Bill was very knowledgeable about the real estate market in this area. Bill made our home buying process go smoothly. He also has the local contacts, from financial home loans companies, Title company, and inspection company. Bill is an excellent communicator. He kept us informed throughout the process. He answered a lot of our questions. After closing on our wonderful home, Bill was available and assisted on our move-in issues. We are grateful for Bill’.

Frank M.

Short notice action,

‘Bill Raven is an excellent realtor. We contacted him on extremely short notice about trying to get a home we and many others were interested in. A number of obstacles arose but Bill had the knowledge and tenacity to help us overcome them all and get the home. The amount he knows about all aspects of Real Estate and Bend is really impressive. And not only is he an expert at what he does he’s friendly to everyone and fun to be around. Sound too good to be true? It’s easy to come up with superlatives when dealing with the best’.

Linda & Greg H.

Bare Land Listing with Restrictive Conditions,

‘Bill was extremely helpful in the process of fighting city hall over the new septic to sewer regulations. Bill went way beyond and above in order to sell my property! He kept me up to date as to all the proceedings and gave me excellent advice all along the way. I highly recommend Bill as a Realtor and a great person to know’.

Paul H.

Long Distance Transactions,

‘My husband and I have lived on the East Coast our entire lives; however, our children set up their lives in beautiful Oregon.  After eleven years of visiting every part of this state, we decided to begin our own West Coast adventure, sell our Delaware home, and make the cross country move to Bend.
I began to search for communities that both my husband and I would find desirable.  Bill contacted me, and our correspondence began.  Although our time frame was uncertain, Bill was more than patient.  He was never pushy – just a stable source of information and advice.  A year later my husband and I were ready to pull up stakes and move, but COVID-19 and a house selling deal that fell through delayed us.  Again, Bill was a calm, reasonable voice.
When we found our Bend home, Bill’s assistance exceeded our expectations. He kept us informed, attended our home inspection, made suggestions, worked with the seller’s agent, and made the whole transaction seamless.

We have been thoroughly impressed with Bill’s work ethic, integrity, and kindness, and we would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of a dedicated realtor. He is the best!’

Teri & Dave
Buying in a very Competitive Market,
Bill Raven is the ultimate professional. He patiently listened to our needs as he worked with us for over a year in our search for our forever house. He knew the right questions to ask not only of us but also of the seller. He was quick to respond, always on time and extremely pleasant to work with. We always felt like Bill looked out for our best interests, while looking at houses, when we made an offer, signed a contract and through the closing process. We feel very lucky to have Bill as our realtor.

Dan & Val, 

Selling in a rapidly changing market,

Bill did a fantastic job throughout the entire process. His commitment to the numerous details that make up selling the house was phenomenal, with no small detail left out. The market is in flux and he was knowledgeable about current market trends. His guidance through the unexpected was stellar. Bill was an absolute pleasure to work with!

Sierra & Kyle,