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Sniff Your Way Through Bend With Daisy

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Woof! My name is Daisy and I just love the smells here in Bend. My long snout can smell a good beer from a mile away. Although there are so many breweries here in Bend it’s sometimes hard to tell where I want to run to first. Bill and I love to take a walk down town and stop by Boneyard where they have my absolute favorite thing in the world; Dog Grog, a nonalcoholic beer that someone invented just for me! Then we take a walk to Drake Park and play some fetch or chase the ducks; and the water is so refreshing! From there we like to go over to Riverside Market that is just down the road and Bill gets himself his favorite alcoholic beverage Fresh Squeezed and we head home to go relax outside, play some fetch and drink some beer after a long day at the office ( for Bill anyway). On the weekends sometimes we will stay and play at the market, they have a neat little courtyard area that I can run around in. Sometimes there are kids there playing on the bikes that they have there and playing on the playground. I love it when there are kids there because they just love to rub my belly! There is so much to do around that area and there are many more wonderful places to explore in Bend Oregon! Follow my blog to learn more about Bends great smells!RM5