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Shevlin Park fun

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shevlin parkAfter a long work week Bill and I like to go to Shevlin Park Trail to go explore and take a swim. There is an abundance of wildlife for me to chase, deer, rabbits, birds, critters! The trail crosses the Tumalo creek twice so where ever we start the trail at I get to take a swim in the creek and cool off. There are so many sticks and pinecones to chew on. Shevlin Park has so much to offer, sometimes we go explore off the beaten path and get lost in the woods for a bit. It’s nice to get off the hot pavement of the city and feel like a wild animal, although I can’t be too wild and free because it is not an off leash area so I have to stay on the leash; except to swim! There are several places to stop and take a break at. There is Aspen Hall where we like to go and sometimes we can check out a wedding going on. Genz WeddingIt’s located right next to one of the bridges and it’s so beautiful there! The weddings there are so magical! We got the chance to experience one of the weddings there. It is a wonderful place to take pictures of any type. Along the bridge and the trails you can capture so many beautiful memories there.