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Our walk in Shevlin Park

11.22.16 Shevlin 1 11.22.16 Shevlin

Sometimes the best fun can be found close to home!




Here I am in Shevlin Park just minutes from where we live. I am beside an old railway right of way that served the logging industry for many years. Just ahead of where I am sitting was a trestle bridge that crossed over Tumalo Creek. The railway bridge was used for many years to haul the logs from another of my favorite places, Bull Springs where there was a forest fire a couple of years ago. The bridge was removed in 1953, the railway ties and rails were taken away to be used in another logging area. All that is left is the old right-of-way which serves as a walking/riding path these days.

When we descend into the river bottom we arrive at a campsite that was used by early adventurers including Kit Carson.

I like to walk here for the beautiful mountain views and the chance to jump into the cold clear water in Tumalo Creek. My buddy, Nova Denali comes with us and we explore where the deer live and sometimes we can chase squirrels! It’s a great place to enjoy nature and one of my favorites.