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Daisy visits the Two Bulls fire two years later


In June of 2014 there was a forest fire that started in two locations at one time, they called it the Two Bulls fire since it started near Bull Springs where we often hiked. After the fire the entire area was closed for a long time as the trees were salvaged and we could not go back to our favorite spot Bull Springs….

Finally this week we made the trip back to see what nature has accomplished as she heals the fire damage. Most of the trees are gone now and it was very hard to find my favorite spots by the stream. Nova came with us and she is very good at finding the hiking trails so we just followed her into the site.

Now the area is recovering and the land by the spring is green again. The bumblebees are back as are the butterflies and the tiny little frogs that we chase but can never catch. Lots of deer tracks along the water and grasses are growing in the burn area. So much is now different and we can see for miles now whereas before it was heavily forested.

Lots of ash and burned bark remain in some parts so I guess that any walks there will result in a dog bath for me! (and Nova)